Professor Ian Peate, head of school, Gibraltar Health Authority:

“Alistair Quaile is a competent, confident and ethical editorial manager. He has outstanding communication skills; these are clear and concise, verbal and written with consultant editors, staff and the readership. He produces thought provoking and contemporary editorials that generate debate and discussion. He commissions copy and engenders relationships within and outside of the organisation.

Alistair has demonstrated he has the skills to project manage, edit and provide direction to a number of successful journals nationally and internationally. He manages manuscripts efficiently screening them for possible publication, liaising with reviewers (experts in the field), contacting authors and sensitively providing them with the outcome of review in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Alistair possesses exceptional administrative and technical competence related to a variety of procedural duties essential to the production of a high quality peer reviewed journal.

I would highly recommend Mr Alistair Quaile and I wish him much continued success with all of his endeavors.”


Nigel Rees, senior research lead, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust:

“Your leadership at the JPP, and the development of the journal into what it is today, has made a significant impact on paramedic care.”


John Donaghy, senior lecturer—paramedic science, University of Hertfordshire:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have been one of the editorial team under your guidance and expertise in the area of publishing.”


Gerry Egan, chief executive officer, College of Paramedics

“I have enjoyed our work and know the paramedic profession has benefited from your guiding hand on the JPP.”


Victor Otero, manager, Secret Garden Hostel, Cotopaxi, Ecuador

“I commissioned Alistair to write and design a guide for the tours we offer at our hostel in Ecuador. He put it together quickly and to a very high standard. I would definitely use him again.”

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