Gogol Bordello Release Information About Forthcoming Album

Multi Ethnic Gypsy-Punk band Gogol Bordello have released details about their forthcoming album entitled ‘Trans-Continental Hustle’. The band’s fifth studio album it has been produced by the legendary Rick Rubin who has worked with artists from Slayer to Neil Diamond to the Beastie Boys to Run DMC.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1) Pala Tute
2) My Companjera
3) Sun Is On My Side
4) Rebellious Love
5) We Comin’ Rougher (Immigraniada)
6) When Universes Collide
7) Uma Menina Uma Cigana
8) Raise The Knowledge
9) Last One Goes The Hope
10) To Rise Above
11) In The Meantime In Pernambuco
12) Break The Spell
13) Trans-Continental Hustle

‘Trans-Continental Hustle’ will be released on April 26th

Gogol Bordello play ABC, Glasgow on May 9th