5 Quick Questions – Craig Roberts

1) What was it like working with Richard Ayoade as a director?

It was awesome. Richard is incredibly talented and we had a lot of fun.

2) Are there any parallels between yourself and the character of Oliver Tate?

Yeah I’m pretty much a loner too. And I spy on my neighbours.

3) Did you draw any inspiration from any other characters/actors/films when performing the role?

Yeah, Richard sent me a few DVD’s like Rushmore, Harold and Maude and The Graduate. They really helped, especially The Graduate. I love Dustin Hoffman in it. He is amazing at just acting with his eyes.

4) I have heard you have been likened to a young Dustin Hoffman, how does this make you feel?

It’s weird, but cool. The guy is a legend so I suppose its a pretty cool thing.

5) Do you have any television or film work lined up in the near future?

Yeah I just finished a film called Comes a Bright Day; that was really cool. Also, I start filming on a war film with Cillian Murphy in a couple of weeks so I’m excited for that.

This article was originally supposed to feature in The Student but was never published.