Death of Sparklehorse Frontman

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Linkous of the American alternative rock band Sparklehorse committed suicide last night according to Rolling Stone. The musician who was in his forties died of as yet unknown causes but a statement from his family confirms that it was suicide.

Linkous has not had it easy having become temporarily paralysed following the ingestion of a dangerous amount of valium and anti-depressants whilst on tour which caused him to be unable to move and cutting off the circulation to his legs which were pinned underneath him. When he was found 14 hours later he underwent a heart attack when medics attempted to straighten his legs due to the build up of potassium. The damage was significant and he almost lost both legs but instead he was left wheelchair bound for 6 months.

Linkous was said to be working on a new album for Sparklehorse that had almost reached completion and was set to be released on the Anti- record label.