Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Live at The Classic Grand, Glasgow With Support Acts B. Dolan and Sound of Rum 21/03/10

I first heard of Sound of Rum on BBC 6 Music where Scroobius Pip was talking about the importance he found in choosing really good support acts. Part spoken word, part rap and part hip-hop, Kate Tempest proves that there is such a thing as talented female rappers. Their closing song ‘Promethius’ was particularly good beginning chilled and atmospheric, breaking down to a rock riff and heavy drums.

B. Dolan provided a very animated set and was excellent in getting the crowd fired up for the headline act. Coming on wearing a mask of our dear Queen of England but with a bushy beard sticking out, he was comical from the start. Dedicating ‘Joan of Arcadia’ to Sarah Palin who he referred to as sexual chocolate, wearing an Evil Knievel suit under his clothes and claiming a crippled blind boy who had cancer of the aids told him that the spirit of the daredevil must live, he epitomised all that we British like to make fun of when we speak of American’s. Saying that, he was a good rapper.

As Dan le Sac came to the stage of the old porn cinema he began by playing electric bagpipes especially for the ‘weegie’ audience before breaking into ‘The Beat that my Heart Skipped’ from first album ‘Angles’ which immediately got the crowd into a frenzy. Scroobius Pip then entered wearing his trademark beard and baseball cap with a bottle of Rosé. Having released ‘Logic of Chance’ last Monday the set was very heavy with this new material and a strange gig as the new album is very dance orientated in comparison to the more hip-hop sound of the first record making it seem to be almost half gig/half club night.

The first single ‘Get Better’ from the latest album was a massive crowd pleaser as was ‘Thou shalt Always Kill’ where the addition of the lyrics ‘the Proclaimers, just a band’ didn’t go unnoticed. ‘Stake A Claim’ saw Pip make his defence for why he should be made the first president of the UK which he read from a prodigious leather bound book while there were very touching moments in the cases of the harrowing track of self-harm ‘Magician’s Assistant’ and ‘Look for the Woman’ with its beautiful piano part and backing vocals from Dan le Sac.

It is always nice to see a dj that doesn’t simply play off a computer or even just decks but instead uses an electronic drum machine, does live sampling and looping and a whole host of other things I don’t understand. Not just that but I feel Dan le Sac is underrated in his vocal contributions to the duo which fit very appropriately.
The encore saw Pip read ‘Letter From God to Man’ from a tattered piece of paper where he arguably shows his finest lyrical side, he then proceeded to leave the stage as Dan continued to fervently play a five minute long instrumental to finish and thus end what was a fantastic night of live music.

Like the Sound of Rum?

Whilst listening to BBC 6 Music the other night with Scroobius Pip making a guest appearance on Steve Lamacq’s show, Pip emphasised the importance he believed in of choosing a decent support band. His current support act ‘Sound of Rum’ consists of rapper Kate Tempest, guitarist Archie March and drummer Ferry Lawrenson who are an up and coming British rap act who have been playing any gig that they have had thrown at them as well as playing many festivals over the summer.

‘Sound of Rum’ are currently in the process of recording their debut album on Sunday Best.

Check them out here.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s upcoming album ‘The Logic of Chance’ is out on March 15th