Terry Gilliam To Direct Live Webcast of Arcade Fire Show

Here’s something to get the loins excited: not only are award winning indie-rock band Arcade Fire publishing a live webcast of their show at New York’s Madison Square Gardens on August 5th at 22:00 ET, but according to an AP report it is going to be directed by animator and director Terry Gilliam. Being a massive fan of Gilliam from his Monty Python days to his innovative and far-fetched films such as Brazil and 12 Monkeys, I can only begin to wonder at what he has in store.

Apparently it’s the first of a five part series called Unstaged appearing on Vevo and Youtube and put on by American Express. So far the only other acts that have been confirmed are The Roots and John Legend. The webcast will be able to be streamed from here but until then here is the trailer: