College of Paramedics sees 42% increase in membership

Membership of the College of Paramedics has increased by 42% from 2nd January 2015 to 1st January 2016, according to figures published in the Trustees’ Annual Report.

The College of Paramedics now has a total of 8,948 members, up from 6,296 announced last year, it has been revealed.

“The College of Paramedics has had a year of exceptional growth and success in 2015,” said Andy Newton, chair of the Trustee Board. “The College now has a membership of almost 9,000 and has grown both its staff and pool of expertise to enable it to continue forward.”

As of January 2016 there were 6,458 full members of the College of Paramedics. This represents 29.7% of all paramedic registrants of the Health and Care Professions Council, the regulatory body for the paramedic profession.

Additionally, student members saw a 42% increase from 1,274 in 2015 to 1,810 in 2016. Associate members saw a 25% increase from 545 in 2015 to 680 members in 2016.

It is believed the enhanced medical malpractice and public liability insurance cover offered as a benefit to full members attributed to the increase in full members over the course of the year.

Improvements in the communications to members, including the College newsletter, a revised website and the creation of a regular members’ news digest email, is also thought to have played a part.

The increase in members show the College is one step closer to its aim of becoming a Royal College, which requires that 50% of the profession are members of the professional body. This comes after the College achieved one of the other requirements by being awarded registered charity status in early 2016.

“With 30% of all registered paramedics now members of the College, we are rapidly approaching the position whereby such an application could become a reality within the next few years,” said Newton.

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