HCPC publishes new standards of proficiency for paramedics

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has published revised standards of proficiency for paramedics.

The standards of proficiency are the professional standards that every registrant must meet in order to become registered, and must continue to meet in order to remain on the HCPC Register. The standards set out what professionals should know, understand and be able to do to practise safely and effectively.

The standards of proficiency are divided into generic standards (which apply to all HCPC-regulated professions) and standards specific to each profession.

The HCPC Council approved revised generic standards in March 2011 and the HCPC is now working to update the standards that apply to each individual profession. The revised profession-specific standards for paramedics have been published as part of this process.

Michael Guthrie, Director of Policy and Standards, said:

‘We have worked with the College of Paramedics to review the standards and asked them to make recommendations. We have also considered the feedback we received from our public consultation and are grateful to all those who participated in the process.

‘The changes we have made to the profession-specific standards for paramedics ensure that they reflect current practice and include language that is appropriate to the profession.’

The HCPC will now work with education providers to implement the new standards.

Taken from Journal of Paramedic Practice, published 10 September 2014.


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