Ambulance Service Institute celebrate excellence at annual awards

Photo Credit: Simon Hayward

Photo Credit: Simon Hayward

The Ambulance Service Institute recognised those in the pre-hospital care sector who have performed above and beyond the call of duty on 8 May at the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, House of Lords.

Presenting the awards, Lord Ian McColl said:

‘It’s been a great joy for me to be here and to hear all the amazing things that you have done. It must be absolutely horrendous; some of the situations you have had to deal with. We are just so grateful that you risk your lives to do all these wonderful things. Greater love hath no man who gives his life for another—or risks doing so.’

Dr Anthony Marsh, chief executive officer of both East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, and chairman of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, said:

‘I think this event is a fantastic opportunity to publicly recognise the great work of ambulance staff and all those people that support the ambulance service in our country.

‘Our staff do a fantastic job every day, often in difficult circumstances, so to have an event such as today, where we can recognise excellence, thank them personally, but also their families, is a great occasion.’

Dr Peter Griffin, President of the Ambulance Service Institute, said:

‘I have been responsible for chairing the ASI Awards Committee and reading out the Award Citations since 2002 and I never cease to be amazed by the outstanding professionalism and often extreme acts of bravery that are detailed in the nominations.

‘Typically, the ambulance personnel concerned make light of their actions with comments like “I was only doing my job” or “it is all in a day’s work”. I see the ASI Awards as a way of making these dedicated people feel special for a day with a trip to London and a visit to the House of Lords. It is my greatest wish to get more publicity for the ASI Awards Ceremony so that these actions and the people involved can get the wider publicity that they most rightly deserve.’

The full list of winners is as follows:

Air Ambulance Team of the Year Award
Helimed 03 and 09 (Midlands Air Ambulance Service)

Control Room Award
Fiona Dinkel (Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust)

First Aid/CFR Award
Craig Singleton (West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust)

Front-Line Ambulance Award
L Cpl Malcolm Martindale (225 Medical Regiment)

Innovations Award
East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Military Award
Sgt Ryan Briggs (RAF Medic Tactical Medical Wing)

Paramedic/ECP Award
Paul Gibson (East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust)

Patient Transport Service Award
Alex Laston and Louise Ormsby (West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust)

President’s Commendation for Long Service
Dennis Oakes (South Western Ambulance Service)

Private/Voluntary Ambulance Service Award
St John Ambulance (District 5, South East Region)

Public Spirited Award
George Reeder (Dock Master – Watchet Marina)

Special Incident Award
South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (Sheppey Bridge incident)

Carl Ledbury (ASI Past President)

Honorary Fellowship
Professor Ian Greaves
Professor Sir Keith Porter

Taken from Journal of Paramedic Practice, published 2 June 2014.

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