Sam Fletcher – Good on Paper: Fringe Review

sam-fletcher-good-on-paper_26013Good in Person


It’s impossible not to like Sam Fletcher. His small stature, gawkish style and natural charm are incredibly endearing. Brandishing a style of comedy he refers to as dad jokes, he combined simple magic tricks with illustrations of his many inventions and an entertainingly home-edited soundtrack to create a show that will certainly produce a chuckle.
It’s always difficult encouraging people to attend an early show, yet Fletcher made this easier by distributing coffee and jelly beans. Despite a small crowd he bumbled along, providing perfect hangover cure comedy. Undoubtedly its silly style will prove frustrating for those in search of something with a little more substance, but for anyone seeking a bit of light entertainment, it’s definitely worth a look.

Some of the more memorable moments included an illustration of Prince William’s helicopter that could be moved up and down, a song about shoes and homemade tarot cards that he used to tell the audience’s future. Bizarre and at times simply baffling, Good on Paper is an hour of good clean fun. By no means groundbreaking material, its harmless nature and childish excitement is made more appealing by the fact that it is free. There’s certainly worse things you could be doing at 12.30.

Taken from Broadway Baby, published Aug 2012.

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