Nick Helm – This Means War: Fringe Review


Somebody Take the Helm


Nick Helm returns to Edinburgh once again following last year’s highly successful Dare to Dream. Containing much of the same rock singing, abuse shouting mania, Helm delivers an hour of comedy that hints at brilliance but still needs time to form.

Beginning with bellowing smoke, blaring Iron Maiden and toy helicopters simulating a war scene, a military clad Helm arrived on stage before breaking into his opening rock ballad. Forcing the audience to shout Helm and punch their fists in their hair, he hurled abuse at those that refused to take part before forcing the entire front row to get on stage and march to his orders.

Having successfully roused his audience, Helm proceeded to appoint a second in command, an unfortunate member of the audience who was forced to spend most of the show on stage, partaking in Helms’ outlandish activities. A show packed with songs, audience interaction and hilarious film references, Helm is almost onto a winner.

Whilst many of the ideas are original and entertaining, it is clear that the new show is still in its preliminary stages. Many of the scenes lack conviction and it is apparent that he is still trying to figure out how the show should run. A number of the songs are smile inducing but not belly-laughing material and it is instead the awkwardly tender moments between Helm and his lieutenant that offer the best comedy value.

Once it establishes itself This Means War is sure to be a hit, just make sure you see it a bit later on in the month.

Taken from Broadway Baby, published Aug 2012.

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