Do the Right Thing: Fringe Review

do-the-right-thing_26407Let the Right Thing In


For those unaware of Do the Right Thing, it’s a multi-award nominated panel show podcast recorded in front of a live audience. The Fringe incarnation of the show – which will be released in digital form next month – features different high profile acts, each answering a selection of questions that more often than not deviate into the absurd.

Hosted by Danielle Ward, the comedians are presented with a number of rounds that include: what would be the right thing to do in this scenario?, ask the expert and playing agony aunt. The success of a panel show is dependent on the guests it attracts and their ability to think on their feet, so expectations were high when our host was joined by Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Richard Herring, Paul Foot and Michael Legge.

All vying for a bit of the limelight, the results were – as expected – relatively hit and miss. Whilst most did well to try and capture the audience’s attention, it was Paul Foot who stole the show at the end of the day. His off-kilter brand of comedy worked perfectly in this situation and made it difficult for his companions to respond. The scripted moments were average at best and it is testament to the evening’s guests that the show was able to pull through. A considerable lull at the 40 minute mark when the acts were clearly lagging meant the show struggled to get back on its feet.

As far as late night comedy goes the quality of each night is dependent on the individual acts, but given the calibre of guests it attracts it is unlikely that you will be disappointed.

Taken from Broadway Baby, published Aug 2012.

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