David Longley – My Favourite Things: Fringe Review

david-longley-my-favourite-things_24183When the Show Bites


David Longley’s opening skit is enough to put you off children’s television for life. A well edited, if somewhat crass reconfiguration of an entirely innocent scene between a sheep and a duck, its playful immaturity sets the tone for the rest of the show that follows.

Returning to the Fringe following a two year absence, Longley bases his content around the concept of cognitive dissonance. Explaining how we spend much of our lives holding conflicting beliefs yet seem unable to set them right, he uses this as an axis at which to divulge much of his personal life. A man who clearly lives through comedy, he presents sharp, carefully thought out quips and anecdotes that range from the puerile to the surprisingly poignant. Centring much of his material on his young children and recently deceased grandfather, he supplements this with slideshows that help to paint a picture of his very normal life.

As endearing a comedian as he may be, his kind hearted nature is more attractive than his comedy. Far more frequently you find yourself smiling rather than laughing, the honest nature of his material often lacking comedic substance. It is also not a show for the easily offended, as jokes that teeter on the edge of acceptability will be too much for many to bear.

A perfectly amiable show, Longley lacks the consistency necessary to make him truly memorable.

Taken from Broadway Baby, published Aug 2012.

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