Chortle Presents – Fast Fringe: Fringe Review


The Fast Show


Chortle has long been a staple for any keen comedy fan. It is the go-to place to learn about acts old and new. Whilst a few people visit the Fringe with a rigorously planned agenda, the vast majority are at a loss as to what to see. Fast Fringe helps solve this problem by offering the audience with a taster of many different acts, all fitted into the space of an hour.

Featuring 12 comedians each given three minutes to perform, the quick fire nature of the show means that even if there is someone who really isn’t to your taste you only have to endure them for a very short while. A brilliant concept, it is perfect if you want to learn about comedians who you may want to see at a later date, or simply to enjoy an evening of variety.

With new comedians each night, picked with Chortle’s stamp of approval, there is no way that this can’t be enjoyed. The only negative that can be found in this concept is that you never get to settle in to a comedian’s style and while this is fine for many acts, others will fail to amuse when taken out of the context of their show as a whole.

For variety and value for money, Chortle Presents: Fast Fringe is a no-brainer.

Taken from Broadway Baby, published Aug 2012.

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