Best of So You Think You’re Funny?: Fringe Review


Do You Really Think You’re Funny?


When one of the acts announced that this shouldn’t be called The Best of So You Think You’re Funny, but instead, Which Comedian is Free on a Week Night at 11.30 and in Need of 50 Quid, he certainly made a valid point. What should in theory be an evening of top comedy is let down by uninspired acts and an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Whilst it is not the case that the performers themselves were lacking in the comedy department, it is instead the result of a badly thought out show. It would not be fair to highlight the names of the acts on this particular night as they were not the root of the problem. Many of their jokes were funny and despite a particularly unreceptive audience, they did well to hold the room. However, throughout the show there remained an overbearing feeling that each of the comics were there purely as a means to get a bit of extra cash. As one of the acts bombed before his twenty minutes were up, he voiced concerns as to whether or not he would still receive his pay.

Perhaps this was a particularly bad night and given that it wasn’t one of the heats and the final isn’t until the end of the month, there was no incentive for the acts to deliver. However, for a comedy competition that has taken place for 24 years, you would think it would be a bit better.

Taken from Broadway Baby, published Aug 2012.

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