Cineworld thinks big with launch of IMAX in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is set to unveil its first IMAX screen next month in collaboration with Cineworld, Fountain Park.

As part of a new partnership with Cineworld, IMAX are opening three new cinemas in Edinburgh, Nottingham and Sheffield, which will increase the total number of screens in the UK to 19.

According to the Cineworld website, Cineworld Edinburgh will offer cinemagoers, “the most immersive cinematic experience for many a mile. With ground-breaking digital projection, cutting edge audio technology and one of the largest screens around, the IMAX Experience will allow Edinburgh’s film fans to enjoy the biggest blockbusters like never before.”

Edinburgh has often been criticised in the past for its lack of an IMAX, which offers a superiority in both size and picture quality to the conventional cinema screen. Neighbouring cities such as Glasgow have been sporting IMAX for over a decade, so it is only now that Edinburgh will be able to offer similar entertainment possibilities.

Lindsay Cook, Cineworld’s general manager in Edinburgh, said of the project: “We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this uniquely immersive cinema experience to our customers.”

The cinema is set to be finished in time for preview screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on December 21st, whilst the Sheffield and Nottingham screens are planned to open in early 2012.

With many upcoming blockbusters filmed with IMAX in mind, the new Edinburgh screen is already set to showcase titles such as: Dark Knight Rises, Wrath of the Titans, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Men in Black 3 and The Amazing Spiderman.

Taken from The Student, published online Mon Nov 28th 2011.

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