God’s Fool: Fringe Review









Fresh from sell-out shows in New York, the Arden Players arrive in Edinburgh to present this enlightening production following the somewhat turbulent life of Saint Francis of Assisi, a man constantly at war with himself for his passions of the flesh, who renounces all worldly goods in favour of a simple life of compassion and devotion. An expertly told tale that bears witness to an important passage of Christian history is expressed through a well-written script and impassioned acting. God’s Fool illustrates a man centuries before his time. Offering an understanding of the importance of inter-faith dialogue – an issue which is still relevant today, here expressed with tasteful consideration – God’s Fool is a play well worth seeing.

theSpace on Niddry St, 5 – 13 Aug, 4.00pm (5.30pm), £6.00 – £9.00, fpp266. 

tw rating 4/5 

Taken from Three Weeks, published Sat Aug 13th 2011.

Three Weeks 2011 – Daily Edition #9, Aug 13th

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