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The debut rom-com musical from Alison Telfer and Dan Greavey is an entertaining venture into the lives of ordinary people, complete with laughter, tears and a little something in between. With a tasteful score orchestrated by Sam Shearer, showcasing a variety of numbers from the soulful to the uplifting, this is a no frills musical that can be enjoyed by all. With strong performances from the cast – most notably Joe Whiteman as the quintessential gay best friend and Lisa Leonard as the young love interest – this is an impressive first production from the young company. Its only let down is the sub-plot involving an abusive step-father which is not explored in enough detail to make it a worthwhile addition to the show.

theSpace at Venue45, 5 – 13 Aug (not 7), 20.10 (21.25), £6.00 – £7.00, fpp233.

tw rating 3/5

Taken from Three Weeks, published Mon Aug 8th 2011.

Three Weeks 2011 – Weekly Edition #1, Aug 8th

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