EIFF 2011 – By Day and By Night (De Día y de Noche) Review


This film was screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2011.

Alejandro Molina’s first feature film has received mixed reviews since it premièred at the Morelia Film Festival last year. A bleak tale filmed in subdued hues of grey and blue, it presents its own interpretation of a dystopian future; an idea which seems to have become something of a sub-genre within science fiction.

Set in the future, where overpopulation has placed a serious strain on planet Earth, the increase in the number of people has made it almost impossible for humans to be able to work and live comfortably within the limited space. Kept in the confines of an enclosed metropolis, people are warned of the dangers that lurk outside the city’s walls, their escape being an infeasible option.

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Taken from Subtitled Online, published online Mon Aug 8th 2011.

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