Jamie Blake: Fringe Review


More often than not, theatre shows advertised as tales of young love are approached with a certain level of uncertainty as their potential for oversentimentality makes them somewhat ill-inducing. However, this new show from upcoming writer/director Ashley Scott-Layton manages to do away with this preconception in a production that is both eloquent and endearing.

Outlining the trials and tribulations of a brief relationship shared between two university aged youngsters, Jamie Blake is a poignant depiction of an uncontrollable affection, brought about unintentionally and which is clearly incredibly difficult to let go of. Interspersed with frequent monologues and asides, it is a tear-inducing look at broken love and the subsequent foolish actions that can follow.

However, the highlight of the production that brings it all together, is its innovative combination of dance and live music written by guitarist Rhys Lewis and accompanied by female beatboxer Grace Savage which gives the play an original edge and helps accentuate its key moments. As it reaches its crescendo and the lead character is left speechless following a crushing realisation, the dulcet tones of Lewis are nothing short of heart wrenching.

Despite the relatively young age of the company, they illustrate an evident knowledge of theatrical form that, given a few more years to develop, will allow them to become incredibly good. Though not perfect, Ravenrock prove that love is not dead, in a production that is nothing short of exceptional.

5th – 29th Aug (Alternate Days), Zoo Roxy, 2.30pm, £9.50(£6.50)

Taken from Informed Edinburgh, published Aug 2011.

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