Alun Cochrane: Jokes. Life. And Jokes About Life Review


Rarely do you see a comedian who admits his material will fail to humour an entire audience, but the honesty with which Alun Cochrane begins his show forms the backbone to an endearing evening that ensures everyone goes home suitably satisfied. It appears he has learnt a lot since being heckled last year and told to tell a joke.

Known for his preference of anecdotes and every day observances over straight up jokes, his current tour shows a slight deviance from this style – as a result of the heckle – and with a deliberate sense of irony he now performs with the addition of a box of one liners, of which the audience are invited to decide which have potential and which are destined for the “pocket of doom”.

Naturally, these jokes are really hit and miss but this appears to be intentional as it is the audience’s reaction to the jokes which provides the real comedy. Some, which Cochrane views as infantile or fatuous, the audience seem to really enjoy. This adds an interesting interaction between comedian and spectators as he begins to understand what sort of crowd he is dealing with.

These jokes are cleverly interwoven into his set alongside his anecdotes predominately concerning his wife and young child. The ease with which he delves into his personal life, which at times points to some rather dark topics, only adds to the amiability of his nature.

It is evident from the title of the tour that Cochrane sees everyday experiences as superior to crafted jokes when constructing comedy. What we witness from day to day offers not only greater amusement but a greater ability to captivate an audience.

Alun Cochrane is undeniably likeable, and refreshingly innocent of any of the arrogance or cries for attention found in many of his contemporaries, even if he does wear double-denim.

Taken from The Student, published Tue Nov 23rd 2010.

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