Simian Mobile Disco Live at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 31/10/10


It’s always a struggle deciding what to do for Halloween, especially when it falls on a Sunday, but this year Cab Vol’s weekly club night Killer Kitsch saw electro duo Simian Mobile Disco take to the stage in a night of eclectic dance music.

With James Ford donning a rather impressive Edward Scissorhands costume despite the obvious hindrance it must have caused with his mixing and Jas Shaw resembling what was presumably a zombie, although that could just have just been his pale hue, they lead an evening of electronic music to a cavern full of drunken misfits.

With their latest album Delicacies out later this month, their set provided a glimpse of what is to come but also an insight into their recent change in direction. Well known for their pop-electro sound which saw them obtaining considerable hype from last album Temporary Pleasures, their latest effort shows a divergence from accessible pop to a more techno influenced sound.

Opening with the epic “O Fortuna” by Carmina Burana, they proceeded to play one of the tracks from their forthcoming album, “Aspic”, a punchy techno track with a persistent bass line.

As the set progressed it was clear that their increasing time in clubs and away from the recording studio has meant that they have begun to realise what sort of DJs they want to be seen as. Whilst their albums offer an outlet for something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to listen to at home, their live show is clearly about dancing to good electronic tracks.

Techno and electro were slotted amongst more obscure numbers as the crowd continued to cavort in the sweat filled cess pit.

Building up to crescendo with hit tracks such as “Audacity of Huge” and “It’s The Beat” that were dropped in after such immense anticipation, the result was pure unadulterated goodness.

For the indie kinds that enjoy Simian for their geek chic and trendy videos it is certain that they would have had a terrible time but for the lover of decent dance music which is something of a rarity in Edinburgh, it was top quality.

Taken from The Student, published Tue Nov 9th 2010.

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