Chuck Manslag

Chuck Manslag’s bona fide technique for picking up women is highly amusing if slightly gratuitous. A self confessed failure in the dating department, he has honed a pick up technique in an attempt to increase his success rate, the results apparently being highly positive, because he’s allegedly slept with 2037 women. His remarks and observations are entertaining, if a bit on the ridiculous side, but don’t come across as overly offensive, and both the men and the women in the audience appear to be enjoying themselves. Dealing with what is often considered a taboo subject, Chuck provides an interesting show, although I wouldn’t recommend putting his technique to the test unless you’re after a good slap across the face.

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, 6 – 29 Aug (not 17, 18, 26), 10.15pm (11.10pm), free, fpp 93

tw rating: 3/5

published: Sep-2010

[Alistair  Quaile]

Taken from Three Weeks

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