Rogues Handbook: Bumper Book Of Horror – Free

Rogues Handbook: Bumper Book Of Horror – Free

Rogues Handbook

Rogues Handbook return to this year’s Fringe armed with the interesting concept of horror sketch comedy. Combining ridiculous costumes with well grafted story lines, the group creates an enjoyable hour’s worth of entertainment which, although not particularly scary, is highly likely to make you chuckle. Tackling most of the notable horror personalities, they manage deft portrayals of characters such as an over emotional Dracula and a disabled poltergeist that requires the aid of home help in the form of ‘Nigel’. Although this is far from perfect, it is definitely one of the better free shows available at the festival, and worth giving the time for.

Laughing Horse@The Counting House, 7 – 22 Aug, 5.00pm , free, fpp 116

tw rating: 3/5

published: Aug-2010

[Alistair  Quaile]

Taken from Three Weeks

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