Following Wendy

Following Wendy

Jam Jar Productions

The power of the imagination is stretched to the limit in this dark rendering of a classic tale, whilst the fine line between reality and delusion becomes almost non-existent. Gone is the innocence of childhood to be replaced by a harsh realism and events rather forgotten. Stylistically, the combination of physical theatre and music made for an engaging piece, although elements of the narrative appeared somewhat jilted and repetitive. The plot, which at first seems incoherent and confusing, is clarified in the closing minutes, and this makes for a vexing conclusion that is well worth sticking out for. Challenging our preconceptions of the world of Neverland, this is a bold attempt to reinvent a well loved story.

C soco, 4 – 21 Aug, 4.35pm, £6.50 – £9.50, fpp 253

tw rating: 3/5

published: Aug-2010

[Alistair  Quaile]

Taken from Three Weeks

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