Introducing Aliases Featuring Ex-Sikth Guitarist Pin

It’s been 2 years since the split of  the highly experimental progressive-metal band Sikth. Following the departure of vocalists Justin Hill and Mikee Goodman from the band, each of the members have been pretty much off the music radar or appearing in relatively small projects such as Goodman’s guest appearance on the Cyclamen track ‘Sleep Street’ and his current position in ‘Painted Smiles’ and ‘Sad Season’.

But now one of the guitarists, Pin, (the bald one) has announced his latest project ‘Aliases’ which features similar complicated  riffs that blends heavy guitar with the melodious and odd time signatures played out with polyphonic dexterity. However being so akin to Sikth may put fans of the earlier band off as it’s just not the same without the Goodman, Hill duo although vocalist Jay seems to possess a significant talent. Easiest thing to say I guess is judge for yourself.

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