EIFF – The Edge of Dreaming Review


A thought provoking documentary that delves into one woman’s understanding of the existential and the power of the human mind.

Amy Hardie claims she never remembers her dreams but one night she wakes up suddenly after a vivid dream about her horse dying which turns out to be true. This is followed by a dream that in her 48th year, she herself dies. This film follows that year as Amy gets diagnosed with a serious illness and faces the ongoing battle with her consciousness where her dreams seem to point towards a premonition for reality.

A student at the Edinburgh College of Art,  using simple film techniques Amy allows the viewer to explore her thought processes as they develop and question the validity of the physical against the psychological and the spiritual against the material.

Accompanied by excellent animations from Cameron Duguid, the distinction between dream and reality becomes blurred as Amy wonders which possesses the greater authenticity. As a science film maker by profession, Amy approaches the ordeal scientifically trying to explain the phenomenon in terms of neural pathways and seeking the help of neuropsychologist Professor Mark Solms for answers.

This film does however falter in some respects, mainly the believability of  Amy’s predicament which is sometimes seen as questionable and to those who do not dare to follow the path of mysticism may appear overbearingly fallacious. Also, the film feels rather long for what it is and there is a constant feeling that the piece would be more apt for a viewing in an art installation as opposed to a film festival. Despite this the concept behind the film is very interesting and allows for much questioning of the metaphysical as well as the place of the psychological within the constraints of everyday reality.

One Response to EIFF – The Edge of Dreaming Review

  1. Harry says:

    I reckon I would like this film. Balanced review at any rate.

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