Playlist for Radio Show 10/02/2010

Just to let you know the playlist for the first radio show of the year was as follows:

1) Come On Over – Kissy Sell Out & Tinashé
Collaboration of London whiz kid Kissy Sell Out and new artist Tinashé originally from Zimbabwe. The story behind this new artist is rather interesting, described as the next big thing, he was sent over to London from Zimbabwe at a very young age to become a doctor or lawyer and send money back to his family but decided to follow music instead.
His debut EP, Mayday, will be released on February 28th.

2) Girl I Love You feat. Horace Andy – Massive Attack
A track from the latest album ‘Heligoland’ it has some really good bass throughout and the addition of brass instruments goes very well making for an interesting track.

3) Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend Cover) – Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel

Brilliant one off collaboration between Hot chip and Genesis front man Peter Gabriel covering the Vampire Weekend Song. Picked perhaps because he got to sing his own name, the melodious backing provided by Hot Chip makes this an excellent track.

4) Norway – Beach House
Taken from their latest album ‘Teen Dream’ released on January 26th this rather eerie and spacey song epitomises the bands style.
Beach House support Grizzly Bear at Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on March 9th

5) Angel Echoes – Four Tet
Taken from Keiran Hebden’s newest release ‘There is Love in You’ which came out on January 25th, the looped female vocals make this track really quite beautiful.
Four Tet is playing Bongo Club, Edinburgh on March 13th

6) Popular Music – Felix Cartal
The title track take from Cartal’s upcoming album to be released on February 23rd its a definite floor filler with grimey basslines and sexy female vocals.

7) Mountain Ride – Wareika
Taken from the Fitness Funk release from Tartelet which came out in December this song by the German trio encompasses everything from house, afrobeat and dub-funk with some rather Eastern Balkan horns and Elvis-esque vocals.

8) Roscoe (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Remix) – Midlake
Taken from ‘Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Re-Animations Vol 1.’ by Erol Alkan and The Grid’s Richard Norris’ Psychadelic outfit this is one of the nicest electronic songs I’ve ever heard.
Midlake’s latest album – The courage of Others was released on February 1st

9) VCR (Mathew Dear Remix) – The XX
The XX’s debut album was one of the most popular albums of 2009 and this fairly recent remix of one of the tracks that is has notions of James Murphy style remixing is just brilliant.
The XX play Studio 24, Edinburgh on March 9th


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